The team at Keane Cabinets was the greatest. Grace, Eddy, and Nestor were very responsive, professional, and friendly. The appointments were on-time, the overall project was completed on-time, and they left my house spotless after the job. My project was relatively small (small custom cabinet and some new cabinet doors), but they still provided me excellent customer service as if they were working on a much larger project. I would highly recommend them!

DooDoo B. Redwood City, CA

Having to choose between 4 and 5 stars, I rounded up, because the end result was a beautiful kitchen makeover, built to our spec at a very fair price. The job included tearing out some old cabinets to make the breakfast nook into a larger dining nook, turning a doorway between the dining room and kitchen into a wide open archway, styled in keeping with the mediteranean style house (which included dealing with a lathe and plaster wall, and moving a heating vent, and light switches), all new cabinet doors, some new cabinets, drawers, and pull-out shelving, new stone slab countertops, new tile backsplashes, and moving the ovens to a new location. So a pretty big job, involving various subcontractors. Keane’s bid was slightly lower than the other bids we got, and Patrick Keane seems to be a dependable, responsive, and honest businessman. The schedule slipped a good bit, but in part due to some changes we requested half-way through. It seemed like forever with the house mostly unusable and freezing cold because I couldn’t run the furnace due to the construction dust (they did seal off the work area with plastic, but the forced air heater would have cycled it around). But in the end, the work was done extremely well, the workers were all very pleasant and responsive, and the sub-contractor work was well managed. I was particularly pleased with the stone fabricator Keane used. We had chosen expensive White Macauba quartz, and it was very tight cutting all the counters from one slab. We had another slab on hold, and the fabricator could have taken the easy route of cutting into the second slab, which would have cost us another $3600. But no, they made precision cuts and kept it to one slab. The countertops look fantastic. Ok, so the only thing I would say is the bid wasn’t very detailed, and that led to a bit of confusion. In the bid, all the cabinets were rolled into one line item, and so it was a surprise when it came up that the attached pantry cabinet doors were not included, and had to be added in (to be fair, the line item did specify the number of cabinet doors, so if I had counted carefully I would have seen something was missing). Also, I was under the impression that all the existing drawers would be replaced with new ones, but that was not the case. An honest confusion, but a more detailed bid would have avoided that surprise. So, my recommendation is: go with Keane for your job, but get all the specifics in writing to avoid surprises.

Bryan L. Palo Alto, CA

I am writing this review because I am sooo pleased with my recent kitchen remodel. We hired Keane kitchens to reface our kitchen after getting quotes from 5 other refacers in the Bay Area. The result beyond my expectations and they went above and beyond when we hit a big issue with a few of the doors that were ordered from a 3rd party supplier. So, here’s some background on the project. We have a pretty new kitchen (only 5 years old), but the color and style was not wanted we wanted. We had traditional cabinets with yellow/natural stain, and I wanted to move to a modern style with dark wood. We also loved a look we saw in a few model homes where where the grain of the wood flows across all the cabinets. All new cabinets were too expensive, painting didn’t give us the look we wanted, and for a long time we couldn’t find the modern and “exotic” look we wanted through refacers. We finally found a beautiful quartner sawn walnut (real wood!) that could be used for refacing through Keane Kitchens. They had to do research based on our requests since it was an uncommon reface job. Besides changing the color of the wood we wanted to change the style of the kitchen by moving to plank doors, a frameless appearance (by removing gaps between panels), converting to all pull out drawers with soft close on lower cabinets, and vertical lift doors for upper cabinets. Kean kitchens modified our existing cabinets to have these features and glued real wood laminate to cabinets to change the appearance and new doors were manufactured and installed. The job was executed with high precision and attention to details, which gets 4 stars for me. All the new doors were aligned to have a 1/16″ gap! Not easy to do on existing cabinets that aren’t all straight. Eddy was the key contractor and he did excellent work and always left our home clean after a days work. I give the 5 stars because of how Kean Kitchens resolved an issue for us. After all the doors were installed we noticed about 5 of the top cabinets didn’t match the appearance of the rest of the kitchen. The grain didn’t match and they were manufactured differently (much smaller pieces of wood were glued together making the pattern repeat every 4″ instead of every 10″ like the rest of the cabinets). A customer service rep came from Keane Kitchens as well as one from Cal Doors (the maker of the doors) came to see the job. Cal Doors customer service was horrible. They were rude, didn’t listen to our issues, and made no concessions to fix the problem. They pretty much gave us a “well, that’s how it is, live with it attitude” even though I could point out quantitative differences with the cabinets. Given this was a 20k+ remodel, and the “bad” cabinets were in the most visible part of the kitchen, I was pretty upset. Keane Kitchens wanted me to be happy to they covered of the cost of redoing the doors and reordered matching doors even though Cal Doors wouldn’t cooperate. They handled the issue with professionalism and integrity. I leave a very happy customer.

Ty V. Brisbane, CA

We got Keane’s contacts through our builder for a refacing job for our kitchen cabinets and we are extremely pleased with the result. Everyone who was involved in the job was extremely professional and courteous and they did a wonderful job on transforming our kitchen into something we could only dream of. We highly recommend these guys if you need a refacing job done for your kitchen because we did some comparison and they use better qualify material and their craftsmanship is excellent; they did everything they promised to do and more.

A C. Belmont, CA

We purchased new cabinets from Keane Cabinets and are very happy. The best thing I can say about Keane is that they provide great customer service. From the beginning of the job when we met with Keane’s designers through the process to the end, Keane always acted promptly and willing to get the job done right. Patrick Keane, the owner, is very hands on, easy to talk to and a nice man who knows what he’s doing. Once our cabinets were in, they came to do some touch-up paint and that went very well. Patrick came to the house with his painter to make sure he knew what needed to be done. I will recommend that if you order their cabinets, have them do the installation. We had our contractor install the cabinets which proved to be more complicated than I believe it would have been had Keane done the installation. Also, I recommend Ailbhe for the initial design and layout of your kitchen. She is great to work with and she knows what she’s doing. She knows the code requirements and made suggestions which we resisted but in the end were happy we listened to.

Robyn C. Redwood City, CA