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Project 1

Having the peninsula be a different color creates a bold look allowing it to stand out. It becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen that draws people towards it. The custom shape gives the kitchen a look of whimsy and allowed the client to have their personality shine through.

Project 2

The kitchen had a lot of natural lighting and the client wanted to utilize that by allowing seating in the kitchen. The island allows for seating without taking away any of the functionality of counter space. The beautiful textured backsplash draws people to look upwards allowing for the kitchen to look larger as your eyes come up towards the caged chandelier.

Project 3

Storage is always a challenge especially when you have a large family. So every nook and cranny is important. Having two sided base cabinets under the peninsula was the best solution for storing away those holiday plates and unused appliances that you just can’t get rid of. Our client wanted the feel of a large kitchen but hated how it felt clinical in an all white kitchen. The creamy cabinets soften the edges and create a warm comfortable atmosphere to this kitchen without having it feel overbearing with cabinets

Project 4

Why pick one color when you can have two. Having two tone cabinets creates a beautiful contrast that also makes your kitchen look larger. The hazy blue cabinets allow the grey flooring to really shine as they balance each other. While the white subway tiles create a nice transition between the base and upper cabinets

Project 5

Creating a display case in the kitchen allows you to showcase your pieces. The fine china your mother gave you, the impressive collection of teacups, and even your children’s art pieces. The extra lighting inside the shelves allow your everyday items look museum grade. The kitchen has a wide open window that they wanted to utilize to the fullest, so we had the sink facing the window to take advantage of the natural lighting