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We believe the kitchen is where life happens. It is where we go to after work to grab a drink, have those hard conversations with our kids, where we bond over breakfast with our loved ones. The kitchen has so many life moments besides just cooking so don’t make it just another room. Make it a place that you imagined your home being.

Our Owner Patrick Keane

After 25 years of building and remodeling kitchens around the bay area I decided to open Keane Custom Cabinets. Seeing people put in cabinets that were either made of materials that would break within a year or “quality” material that cost a fortune troubled me. This pushed me to open my own company to help educate and provide quality product at box store price. I’m not saying kitchens are cheap but a kitchen you envision should not last for a year or break the bank. I pride myself in building custom cabinets using the latest technology and the best materials. I offer my experience and connections to create unique kitchens, designed for the people using them the most. We can’t wait to have you come in and talk to us!

Why Keane Cabinets?

  1. Customize cabinets with hundreds of styles and colors.
  2. All top quality accessories and hardware.
  3. We finish our cabinets, so touch up or repair is never a problem.
  4. We build our cabinets in house so you can depend on delivery without scheduling delays.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (650) 631-6507. Thank you for visiting Keane Cabinets of Belmont, a licensed insured family owned operated business.

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